Smoke break 

“She said, ‘I don’t drink,  but sometimes I need a stiff drink. Sipping from a high, full glass. Let the world fade away'”

Hey y’all. Time for a ramble again. I don’t know if this will be too much of a ramble as much as getting some things off my chest. *takes a deep breath and exhales slowly* Okay…… Have you ever had a time where you feel like everything crashes around you? You feel like you are losing everything you love or worked hard for? I’ll be the first to stand and say I have. 

Sometimes we need to just take the time to clear our heads. We may decide to go in our closet, shutting out the rest of the world. We may go on a spending splurge, buying random things that may or may not be useful. We may even be called out by that person that gets you, that other gear that knows something is off, sometimes even before you even realize it. However it happens to you, even if it is all three at once, it is okay.

That’s it people. It’s okay. At the end of day, take the time to reflect on all the things good and the things going right. Spend time with those that matter. Make sure to thank those people that are in your life that know when you are close to your breaking point. This is my ‘Thank You’ to those in my life. Those that are always there, standing by me, holding me up, and never let me down. 

Sometimes we just need that moment of clarity, That release, that me time. So go grab that smoke, or that drink. Go on that shopping spree. Take time for yourself a moment. The tricky part is, not losing yourself along the way. With that said, I’m gonna go enjoy a drink, maybe even a smoke too. Salud. 

Keep smiling, 


“She said, ‘I don’t smoke,  but sometimes I need a long drag. Yeah, I know it might sound bad, but sometimes I need a smoke break'”

Song credits : Carrie Underwood- Smoke Break