Best friend, what is that? 

*waves* Told you I would be back. So I recently have seen a few people, refer to the same person as their best friend. But what is a best friend exactly? Is it the person you need only you when you want something, the person that you feel knows you best, or the person that you share all your secrets with? When you read each of those, do you think of one person or of three different people? 
I like to believe that a best friend is all of the above and more. Elaborate you ask? Well, in my opinion, your best friend should be the person that stands by you regardless, the person you know you share anything with, (even if you know it may hurt them), the person that you strive to be like each and every day. The person that inspires you, builds you up, constructively criticizes you, the one that you know no matter what happens or what you say, they are still there. The one that even when you look like complete hell, acting like an idiot, being a ….., they will tell you. The person that loves and cares for you like no other does. 
I am not saying that your best friend should be your lover or spouse, but think about it, who would you rant to when that special person is on your nerves, right? …. Wrong… Look at what I said above… The person that can tell you when you are being an idiot or a ….., hmmmm well, if your spouse was your best friend… Then you could tell them, right? Right. I’m not saying point out everything someone does wrong… Or things you may not like, I am saying you shouldn’t be afraid to approach them with issues. Also, let me add: Your best friend can be anyone, you don’t have to be romantically involved with them, but the truth still holds that you should be able to tell them anything. Even if you know or feel it will hurt them. After all, how else can we grow, if we never feel pain? And wouldn’t you rather hear something from the one you call best friend, instead of some random other person? 
I am preaching to myself as well, but this is my ramble.. So I’m gonna just carry on. Anyhow, when you think about your best friend, do you know if you are theirs in return? Are you okay with the possibly that you may not be? I lost an important person at a vital point in my life and I know, that they were my best friend, but I never knew if I was theirs. Many other people claimed to be their best friend, but what mattered to me was I knew that they were mine regardless and I was going to do whatever it took to hold up to my promise to them. I didn’t care if it was returned. 
So, no matter if you have one or many, a best friend is someone each person should have in their life regardless. Don’t be selfish with them, don’t try to change them, and love and accept them exactly how they are. You might come to find, they are exactly what you need in the most unexpected circumstances. 

Ramble over…. Keep smiling,